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Edupac is a leading provider of English language courses and other study abroad programs. We take great pride in ensuring that our students have the opportunities and the tools to succeed, and our educators offer consistently high standards of teaching. We offer a wide range of English language courses for students. Pick from General English courses, Business English courses, conversation courses, in-corporate courses and much more! We would like to help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

GENERAL ENGLISH (16 y.o. above)

Edupac offers English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses of every level (elementary to advanced), and of varied length and levels of intensity. With such a wide choice of combinations available and start dates throughout the year, we can tailor our courses to meet everyone’s personal desires and aims. You can experience great learning sessions with us. Let’s learn English effectively, efficiently, and in style with Edupac!


This program is specifically designed for adults who need lots of practice in English conversation skills. Students will be encouraged to speak a lot during the lesson. Teachers will provide different choices of conversational topics and drive the students to have a stimulating conversation environment. Having conversation practice with the native teacher will be a rewarding experience!

BUSINESS ENGLISH (18 y.o. above)

Learning English is an essential skill in today’s world, but with an increasingly widespread business environment internationally, gaining knowledge of specialized Business English is quickly becoming crucial too. Edupac offers courses of varying specificity, to equip you for this.

If you are looking for a job internationally, our Business English courses will not only hugely improve the fluency of your business vocabulary and your confidence in business environments, but will also look great on your résumé and will ultimately make you more employable! In addition, you will experience learning particular Business English skills such as telephoning, presentation, negotiation, writing email, job interview, meeting, and so on.


English for Academic Purposes (EAP) entails training students, usually in a higher education setting, to use language appropriately for study. An EAP program focuses instruction on skills required to perform in an English-speaking academic context across core subject areas generally encountered in a university setting. EAP courses are also be intended to raise students’ general English levels so that they can enter university. EAP instruction teaches the four skills reading, writing, speech communication, pronunciation, listening, vocabulary ,grammar.

ACADEMIC WRITING (16 y.o. above)

Academic Writing is a writing course for all international students who have to write exams or coursework in English. Writing essays can be a major concern for overseas students studying at English-medium colleges and universities. All courses contain a large degree of written assessment and it is essential to ensure that your writing skills meet the necessary standard. This course allows both teachers and students to quickly find the lessons they need with all writing tasks.


Edupac has the ability to create customized corporate programs and can provide quality English training and development that you need in your workplace. We will be more than happy to come to your site.

This program features corporate English classes tailored to the specific needs of your company and employees, including :

  1. Telephoning Techniques
  2. Job Interview Skills
  3. Business Presentation 
  4. Business Negotiation
  5. Business Writing
  6. Business English
  7. Business Conversation
  8. English for Call Center
  9. General English
  10. General Conversation


and other tailor-made programs which we determine through a needs analysis done with the assistance and consultation with your human resources department or management.

For further information, please contact us.

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