English Proficiency Test

English Proficiency Test (Itep)


The International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) is the most efficient, innovative and easy way to test the ability of non-native English speakers. This test is specifically developed by Boston Educational Services (BES) from the United States. There are three types of iTEP tests for different needs and purposes:


1. iTEP Academic is a test which is specifically designed to meet the needs of students and universities in assessing the students’ Academic English ability. This test is used among others for:

• Admissions

• Assessment of lecturer’s or teaching staff’s language skills

• Requirement standard for students’ graduation

• Requirement standard for scholarship

• Assessment tool for English curriculum

2. iTEP Business is the most efficient and comprehensive English language test which is specifically designed for professional employees, career consultants, government agencies and private corporations. This test is used to assess the Business English skills of employees or employee candidates. It is used among others for:

• Selection of employee’s candidates

• Requirement standard for sending employees in the international training programs

• Requirement standard for job promotion

• Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) in the English language program that has been running

• Improving the English language skills of the front-liner employees.

3. SLATE or Secondary Level Assessment Test of English is a test which is specifically designed for high school and vocational school students in order to assess their English language skills before enrolling higher education level, particularly education abroad. This test is used among others for:

• Acceptance of new students at international and overseas schools

• Part of the language’s curriculum in the school

• Requirement standard for getting scholarship.


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